Yes My Boy, there is a Science to Successfully Seducing Women

Believe it or not, seduction requires not just a sleight of the hand but a lot of constant effort to make it worth the woman’s while.Getting someone to bed is the first part, its keeping them in bed, and with both of you consensually wanting to spend many other nights together, the tricky part.Successful seduction eventually leads to a successful sex life. The following are tips and advice that would successfully get that woman to look forward to seeing you, again, and again, and again.Make the woman feel comfortableThe fact of the matter is that most men are born slobs. They still think their mothers are still around to pick up after them.A careless and sloppy attitude is a bane that drives women away from a man’s place faster than anyone can say: I still live with my folks.Women just do not like being in an environment that is uncomfortable, dingy and one that requires them to clean up.The science of seduction reveals that a woman stays a lot longer in a place that is spotlessly clean and hygienic, not in a shack that has yesterday’s pizza on the floor and the residue of a six pack scattered all over the carpet.Seducing women when in the bedroomOf course, the bedroom is the place where most of the action happens. It logically follows that it should be visually pleasant and has a scent that elicits ooh’s and aah’s.The sheets should also be clean. The bathroom must be hygienic and stocked appropriately with the needed amenities.When women need to go to the toilet, there should be a toilet paper available. Make sure there is appropriate supply.If there is a fridge inside the bedroom, it should be stocked as well. Water is a basic and needed item. Having chocolates in the ref won’t hurt also.Listen, listen, listenOf course, a perfectly clean room is still nothing compared to a man who knows how to listen.Chemistry in a relationship needs to be present and working between two individuals. And chemistry cannot be contrived unless a man really wants to hear what a woman is saying.No one wants to hear a monologue. People thrive in conversations. A man that solely talks about himself is un-interesting and boring. Be aware that a difference exists between being confident and being arrogant. The latter is always a big turn-off.Smile and charm, charm and smileNothing flatters a woman more than being smiled at. It automatically translates to a decent and great opener for a formal hello, and ultimately a great conversation after.If the two of you click, then it is a first step to get into each other’s pants. If not, consider it a lesson that you take with you to better yourself in your next attempt to seduction.But the important thing is to lighten up. As much as possible, make everyday a day to be charming. You need not do it to intentionally get someone into bed. Do it because you want to make someone feel good. This makes it easier for you to feel good as well. Until eventually, being charming becomes second nature and approaching women, a common sight and experience.
All in all, seduction should be effortless. Be sincere and everything else will follow.